Exmouth Town manager Kevin Hill is looking for his side to go back to the basics, following a 4-0 Southern League Division One South defeat away at league leaders Sholing. 

Town were well-beaten as three superb goals from Wayne Robinson, Bradley Targett and Jake Cope, as well as a Byron Mason penalty saw Exmouth well beaten by the Boatmen. 

Speaking shortly after the game, Hill stated: “I’m disappointed.

It’s not just today’s performance, it’s been the last few weeks.

We didn’t deserve anything out of the game today, they were far better than us in their pressing, winning second balls.

My sides have to work, put tackles in, we are a grafting side and today we felt like a passive side, where we stand there and don’t really have a bite at them.

Things will have to change, but at the end of the day they don’t become a bad team overnight.

I don’t like the way we defended today, balls bouncing, misjudging the flight of the ball even if it’s windy, they had a big lad up-front, and we’ve just got to deal with it.

We were slashing the clearances, our shape was all over the place, I’d love to show them some of the positions they were in today, sometimes the middle three are in a straight line, instead of being a brick wall going across, we aren’t ever going to win a second ball playing that way.

The first ten minutes we started lively, had a couple shots, then the goal came out of nowhere and changed the game, but that’s football.

The game drifted away, and that’s where we want someone to grab it by the scruff of the neck.

I’m more disappointed by the second goal, that’s the killer.

From a goal kick, Dan Cullen misses the flight of the ball, (Dave) Rowey’s misjudged the bounce and Harry’s (Walford) on the wrong side and brings the man down, but straight from a ‘keeper’s kick, it’s a bounce and it goes into our box, and it’s a penalty and we find ourselves two down from what should be simple defending.

But, I don’t want the lads to stop playing and doing what we do, do what we are good at, what got us through these years, but lately heads are going down, people are looking to blame everything but we are a good side, but we have to show it.

We are coming up against teams that are better than us, more organised then us, a lot more physical than us. We are usually quite a big side but today we got bullied.”

Despite a poor performance against Sholing, which sees Town lose for a third consecutive game, Hill knows how his side can rediscover the form that has put Exmouth in second place. 

“Work hard, we are some grafters, a bit of shape, once you cross that white line, we understand our game.

Runners running in-behind, decent quality on the ball, sometimes we are just smacking it up the pitch with no quality on it, sometimes the strikers don’t make a run and the midfielders are looking up for someone to pass to, and that stuff is starting to creep in, but it’s just the basics of football.

If we go back to the basics, play to our strengths, play to conditions and if we turn them and play in the final third, limit mistakes we will be far better, trust me.”

Exmouth will look to get back to winning ways as they welcome Credition United to the Circle of Care Community Stadium on Wednesday evening (7:45pm KO), in the ST Luke’s Devon Bowl.

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  1. Antony snelgrove says

    If i had lost 4-0 im sure i wouldnt have been so happy on the coach home and it would have been a dry journey back to the Muff they need to perform on the pitch to earn any rewards

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