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Kevin Hill reflected on a disappointing 3-1 defeat at Silver Street against Willand Rovers, in the Southern League Division One South.

Despite going 1-0 up via Levi Landricombe, individual mistakes cost Town, as Owen Howe capitalised on a defensive mix-up, and two penalties to earn himself a hat-trick and send Rovers to the top of the league.

“No one likes losing, to come to a place like this, they’ve got three wins and one loss, and to be undone by two penalties and a miscommunication where Owen gets in a taps it in, and other than that they, have they had any clear cut chances on goal?”

“When we went down to ten men we showed more urgency then we did for the rest of the second half, it just seems to take a while for us to get going.

I’m frustrated at how we need to be more clinical, then just mistakes got us, Andy (Sowden-Bird) made a misjudgement, calls for it and Owen nips in, then the defending for both penalties, but neither keeper had to make a fighting save.

We seem to do really well for a bit of time then we just switch off, hit the self-destruct button, we need someone to make us rally again, we can’t think that we can cheat just because we go 1-0 up.

(On Kidlington) I think of it as a free hit really, just go and enjoy it, I don’t know too much about them but sometimes that can be a good thing, if we win it will be a great day.”

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